Is Framer really the best screen design tool for UX Designers? My answer is no. Here’s why.

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One of the Intro tutorial videos I followed embedded on their website (

Framer just announced its new design features for the software for December 20, 2017. For those who don’t know what Framer is. Framer is a new design tool for UX Designers to code interactions bridging design and code seamlessly together in one software. It showed lots of examples of what it could do and keeps improving its software with new design features. With all the hype that Framer was putting out there, stating that you don’t need to have prior coding experience as it’s so intuitive and easy to pickup, I went ahead and bought the license.

Disappointingly their tutorials are 2 years old and don’t match the same workflow with their new software. There’s not much on boarding experience either to teach someone how to use the software. And even if I downloaded an example file and looked at the code, I still have no idea how it all works together. It makes you wish they could have made a tutorial video for each example, rather than downloading the file and trying to figure it out by yourself.

I wish they could have done what Adobe XD has been doing since day one and that is creating videos every once or twice per week showing designers how to use their software as well as how to use its new features. And also should have made the software free to gather people’s feedback on the program to make it even better before officially making it a subscription paid software.

At this moment, I will continue to play with Framer to see how I could incorporate into my workflow. But with no prior coding experience, lack of official tutorials, and none of my design friends knows or uses the software, there’s not much I can do to advance here on out. I thought that learning how to use the software, I could up my game as a UI/UX Designer.

Disappointingly, Framer has been around for just 3 years and still haven’t made much improvement in helping people get started. It feels they are spending more time on marketing than actually teaching people how to use it.

Could I recommend another designer to use the software? Not really. Unless they know Coffeescript.

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