5 Characteristics of a Successful Stylist

Becoming a stylist is not a quick and easy job. There are skills and essential personality traits that pertain to becoming a successful stylist. Before anything else, patience is the biggest characteristic one needs as you need time to build up your reputation and contacts.

So what are the essential skills you need to become an amazing stylist whose opinion everyone values and relies on?

1. Good Fashion Sense

This has to do with being able to match certain colours and patterns together to create the perfect outfit “composition”. Stylists have to be able to know a very broad spectrum of fashion brands, trends, and styles. It is important to understand which colours and shapes look good on people, and which don’t. Some people are just naturally good at picking and pairing the right clothes that match perfectly together. They usually already see a picture in their head of how the final outfit will look like before even trying it on.

However, if you don’t have this ability, don’t worry — a good fashion sense can be build up over time. It involves a lot of active observation, so next time you go out, look around you. Do you see anyone who is exceptionally well dressed? Check out how they’ve paired their outfit and make a mental note of what works well together. You can do the same with fashion magazines and movies.

2. Understanding Body & Face Shapes

The shape of one’s’ body has a lot to do with what clothing they wear. If someone is pear shaped — meaning they have larger hips, they are not going to wear something that make their hips look any bigger. If you want some more information about body shapes we recommend to check out this article here. A stylist needs to know what will make people look best, what clothes will accentuate the best aspects of their bodies, while at the same time hiding their flaws.

3. Understanding how the industry works

This can be learned from taking a couple of courses about fashion and the industry. Alternatively, you can also learn it from internships, shadowing anyone that works in the industry, working at a fashion magazine, or being an assistant to a stylist. Any hands on experience can strengthen the skills and also provide you with very useful contacts. Knowledge is power in many aspects of work, especially when it comes to styling. In this particular industry, one never stops learning.

4. Excellent interpersonal skills

The attitudes of many clients may vary and you must be able to pick the clothes that will be suitable to all the different types of personalities. Some clients might want to be very “eye-catching” with their style and some clients may not at all. A stylist must be able to understand exactly what a client wants and go beyond that to offer them more. A stylist must be very flexible with the attitudes of a broad spectrum of clients.

5. Going beyond the trends

Thinking outside the box is exactly what a stylist needs to offer. If a client has hired you, it is because they want your skills and creativity to create a look specifically for them. So try to be creative and different!

That’s it from our side. Let us know about your experience as a stylist — what is the biggest challenge and what do you love the most about this profession? Looking forward to reading your feedback!