That one time a year when we work for kids

The Austin Children’s Shelter Gala is one of our favorite events every year. Why? No kids.

I tease, and honestly, I don’t even have kids, but I imagine if I did, this is how I’d justify unloading them on Grandma, a neighbor, or just unplugging the blender and putting the oldest one in charge. Which brings me to why Austin Children’s Shelter is so important.

Many Austin children don’t have family, friends or neighbors to stay with. Many face abuse, and almost are forced to grow up long before any child should. Austin Children’s Shelter is the only resource devoted to giving Austin youths a safe, nourishing environment when they have nowhere else to go. And it is incredible what some of these kids go on to do and become.

We have been honored to work with ACS for 4 of their recent galas and push our own limits in concept, art direction, design and collateral and print production. And all with a lot of heart.

Since 2012, ACS has become somewhat of a benchmark for LTM design. As the non-art member of the creative team, it has been inspiring, and often ego-inflating by association, to watch the art direction, illustrative nuance and craft in print production push to new exciting places year in, and year out.

Here are some the places, we’ve taken ACS:

To the roaring 1920s in 2012.

On a mission to a Monaco casino in 2013.

To a high-flying circus in 2014.

On a secret expedition to the Swiss Alps in 2016.