Explore the Magnificent London

Founded in the 43rd AD, this ancient city is the capital of England. Drenched in history, is it thronged with a plethora of buildings and parks that date back to its infancy. Whichever part of the city you visit, they all tell tales of a glorious past.

When we hear the word London, the first thing that comes to our mind is the iconic Big Ben. It is a clock tower situated at the northern end of the Palace of Westminster. The London Eye, a gigantic Ferris wheel, located on the South Bank of River Thames, is another beloved icon and no trip to this city is complete without a visit to this place.

Founded in the 19th century, the National Museum has a staggering collection of around 2,300 paintings dating from 13th to early 20th century. The British Museum is another museum worth a visit. Devoted to art, culture and human history, it is the proud holder of around 8 million works. It is a permanent collection which originates from all the continents. Book your London flights with Spirit airline sale as one can secure cheap London flights and enjoy their vacation with great mirth and laughter.

Westminster Abbey is a massive church with Gothic Architecture. Situated on Ludgate Hill is the St. Paul’s Cathedral, which also happens to be the highest point of the city. Stonehenge is a pre-historic monument near Amesbury, which is a major attraction among tourists and is located two hours away from London. Patron to the city usually book a day tour to see this mysterious marvel, believed to have been constructed around the 3000 BC.

Located in a country which is home to the most celebrated royals, this city has many palaces. Some of these palaces are partially open for tourists. You can hire a guide or roam the halls of these grand structures leisurely by yourself. A few of the palaces are Buckingham Palace, Kensington Palace, St. James Palace, Richmond Palace and Winchester Palace. The Palace of Westminster, holds the parliament for the UK which is home to the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Hyde Park, a beloved pop culture icon, is humongous and abundant in greenery. You can play various sports, attend rock concerts or have a lovely picnic in the sprawling greens. The lined trees casting a shadow on the tracks are prefect for jogging or horseback riding. Kids can play in the swings and monkey-bars. There are two spectacular water bodies in the park. There are also many fountains, statues and memorials through-out the park.

A major shopping destination, there are many places for you to shop at, such as Oxford Street, Westfield, Carnaby Street, Bond street and Mayfair.

The London Bridge is a much loved icon which has been featured in an old nursery rhyme. It is located in the south bank of River Thames.

Mixing history with modernity, the city is one of the best examples of how both can co-exist in harmony. A ginormous concrete jungle which turns into a glittering beauty after sunset, a trip to this city is bound to give you one of the top 5 vacations of your life. Thus, contact a leading travel agency and book a Spirit Airlines to London flights as one can grab a lucrative deals and enjoy your exhilarating London holiday. See — https://goo.gl/zc9p5S

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