What You Should Look for When Buying Memory Foam Mattresses

What You Should Look for When Buying Memory Foam Mattresses

A memory foam mattress is made of a viscoelastic foam, contouring to the body to evenly distribute the weight. Many people prefer this type of mattress because it is said to make sleeping more comfortable than other types of mattress.

Typically, a memory foam mattress has three basic layers: uppermost, middle, and bottom layers.

The uppermost layer or comfort layer is responsible for the contouring or molding since it is the layer in contact with the pressure. Once the pressure is removed or lifted from it, the comfort layer returns to its original form. Meanwhile, the middle layer or the support layer, from the name itself, is what supports and sustains the other two layers. Lastly, the bottom layer or base layer, is the thickest among all layers as it holds the entire mattress.

The most established and well-known memory foam mattress manufacturer is TempurPedic. However, since its foundation in 1992, many other brands have emerged, promising the same high-end quality at very affordable prices. One of these notable rising brands is Loom and Leaf. A Loom and Leaf mattress review would tell you that it is actually a cheaper TempurPedic. However, before buying a memory foam mattress, you first need to consider three important factors: 1) foam type; 2) firmness; and 3) thickness.

Type of Memory foam mattresses

Memory foam mattresses come in three types of foams:

●Petroleum-Based or Polyurethane or Standard or Viscoelastic Foam

This is the most popular foam type probably because it is also the oldest. The first memory foam mattress developed was made of petroleum-based materials. Polyurethane foams are now widely available and cheap, thanks to the mature industry. Their best feature is that they help relieve joints from pain as they mold the sleeper’s body.

● Eco or Natural or Plant-Based Foam

This type of foam is becoming widely popular because of its environmental-friendly nature. Instead of petroleum-based materials, natural foams are made of plant extracts such as aloe vera, bamboo, soya, and tea. The plant extracts largely depend on the manufacturer.

● Gel-Infused Foam

This is the newest type of memory foam and is said to provide efficient and far better heat dispersal. A viscoelastic foam is infused with numerous gel beads to provide a cooler sleeping experience.

2. Firmness

Firmness is how the mattress reacts and adjusts to pressure. The higher the density of the memory foam, the firmer the sinking of the body. Basically, it really depends on the sleeper’s preference as to how he or she would like the sinking sensation to be once he or she jumps into bed.

3. Thickness

Usually, the thicker the memory foam mattress, the more expensive it is because many other layers serving different purposes are integrated to it. However, it is not a sole indicator of the mattress’ quality.

These are just three of the most important considerations when buying a mattress. You might also want to look at the comfort level, price, etc. Also, if you are reading reviews online, make sure that they are authentic. Don’t be satisfied with one Loom and Leaf mattress review or TempurPedic mattress review. Read as much as you can from reliable sources. Happy shopping!