HAPS Alliance Members Outline Commercial Opportunity in Earth’s Stratosphere

Loon has flown over 40 million kilometers in Earth’s stratosphere
  • Loon has flown thousands of stratospheric vehicles, with an average flight duration of over 4 months and a 223-day flight duration record, delivering connectivity to over 300,000 people in partnership with telecom operators such as AT&T, T-Mobile, and Telefonica.
  • Airbus completed a 26-day stratospheric flight using a fixed-wing vehicle.
  • SoftBank Corp.’s HAPSMobile, in partnership with AeroVironment, and Boeing are developing fixed wing vehicles spanning approximately 80 meters.
  • World View completed a 40+ day balloon flight, and Raven regularly flies balloon missions.
  • Thales and Sceye are developing high altitude airships.


About the HAPS Alliance



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Loon for All

Loon for All

Loon aimed to bring internet access to the unconnected using stratospheric balloons from 2011 to 2021. Learn more at www.x.company/projects/loon