As You Are So Am I, My Twin Soul

I wish I could break this bond, I wish I couldn’t feel you, I wish this never happened. As you are so am I. We are so intertwined that when we met it wasn’t like a first meeting but rather a reunion between two souls who had been living their lives in parallel waiting for when they could finally reincarnate at the same time.

You are my twin soul; I know who you are without knowing you. You understand who I am without needing any explanation. Everything is as natural as breathing and as irritating as an itch that can’t be scratched. I wake up hating, loving, despising and longing for you all at once.

You opened me up, made me yours and now I’m here writing my feelings on the internet because what else can I do?

We could talk about it but we’ve had this conversation so many times in our past lives we know how this tug of war goes. You love me, I love you. You want me, I want you.



I feel when you are happy, when you are contemplating, when you are sad. I get a pang in my gut like I’ve been sucker punched or a wave of sadness for no reason and I know it’s you. How did this happen? Why me? Why you?

They say you can do the craziest things for the one you love, they failed to mention that the one you love can make you feel crazy. Why do I wake up in the morning for no reason and know that we are both thinking of each other at the same time? How do I know when you are going to send me a message? How do I know these things? Why do I know these things?

I’ve been sensing you all day, I know something is off, I can’t ask because you won’t say and to be honest I really don’t have to because I’d rather not know. When we fight, it feels like I am fighting myself. When I look at you, I know i’m just looking at my reflection. In my darkness you are my light. In your sadness I am your smile. The Yang to my Yin.

Is that why we keep circling back to each other? This emptiness that I feel when we are in turmoil is so tangible I physically get ill. Longing for when we will forgive each other and get back to our haphazard equilibrium.

That’s what it is right? You balance me; I bring the calm to your storms and you are the sanity in all of my madness. You don’t complete me. You are me.

We collided, the only thing that escaped the wreck is knowledge that I found my soul. We fight it but we both know what is happening. How? Because it has happened so many times before.

I don’t want to break this bond. I’m glad I can feel you. I am glad this happened, because as I am so you are. My twin soul.

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