Maximizing Their Opportunity

I feel I’ve been having great success recently in my role.

What I continuously find value in is being able to recognize what I was good at in my previous role and accepting what I wasn’t good at to turn that into my successes now.

I was really good at was connecting with my team on a 1–1 level, but not until I left did I realize that I wasn’t as good at using that connection to maximize their potential. Understanding their strengths and giving them the platform to give themselves visibility to their value has been clutch in my successes.

Recently, providing in the moment-positive feedback to great performances has not only given the confidence to my top 3 executors to want to branch out in different realms of the business in departments that play to their strengths, it’s allowed me to give them the opportunity to do so. The key was ensuring that the stretch I placed them is truly aligned to what they are good at.. if it is an area that is strictly a ‘task’ — then ensure the people there are truly the best ‘taskers’ on the team.

If you are not experiencing the best result you could achieve, as the leader- recognize why; Process? Planning? .. Don’t try and save the world in 1 day, utilize the connections w/ the individuals or team that truly influence the outcome and give them the platform to utilize their strengths and ‘coach’, not ‘manage’ the process. Just like you, they need the room to experience and grow.

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