The 3 a.m thought

The notion was obscure today.It was abstruse and arcane. They met no single extreme. She was lost in her own head brawling hard to feature the reasons behind them. The joys were confusing and so was the oddity. The smile in those thoughts were empty. The thoughts were disturbing. Their were memories flashing back. There was a spirit behind the unusualness tonight.

She sat there staring at the bonfire.There was bitter sweetness in the chill. It brought a stream rush of memories to her. The warmth in the cold was lost today.

She once sat at the same place, in the same aura but with the fervency which was lost now. She sat hoping if. she could freeze the moment that went to be a memory today. The stargazing was more literal today.The comfort drifted apart. The soul to her completion today reluctantly became a reason for an empty human.

She knew souls never drifted. She knew her forever still existed.

Her infinity was met in the numbered days. The stars gave a new meaning to her now.

They now stared back talking memories. And sharing good vibes tonight!