A Small Town-USA Traveler’s take on current travel applications.

& why TripAdvisor doesn’t cut it.

One of the many abandon buildings I found, in Cairo IL.

I made it a plan in my life a year ago to travel each week throughout the country. Have I stuck to it? Yes. 79% yes.

Life happens :)

Regardless I work 30–40 hours a week, then have two days off. One both, or one of those days off I hit the road and see what’s out there.

That’s the issue though, sometimes you can’t “see” what is on the other side of the bend. Because for the most part, I’m a small town traveler.

Yes that is the beauty of it, discovering what discoveries lay in my path. But also sometimes, you need a little help finding those hidden gems. Just a few little, “hints” you can call them. (Which I’ve yet to find an application that does such a thing on a hyperlocalized level.)

My goal was to always make traveling accessible to those whom thought, it was out of their reach. Showcasing the idea that you don’t have to drive 15 hours to Panama Beach, to experience life in a new way.

The idea is simple, you can travel 40 mins to an hour to a small town and still live out that travel filled life. From the people you meet, to the experiences that will open up to you along the way to your destination.

Standing in the city circle, in Crossville IL.

Now having common understanding, I have one problem,

TripAdvisor doesn’t really understand small towns. To them it’s like, understanding business finance as a 5 year old.

Google of course she get’s the underlying problem, but it will take me a good 30 mins to an hour to find out something on it.

Theoretically it makes sense, less population + less technological influence = less people knowing about Small Town America.

An Airstream Coffee Shop in Jasper IN.

Only In Your State gives me some good info time to time, but still focuses on those big hit attractions.

RoadTrippers, well great reads, but I’ve never seen a lot of information in the area’s I go that other applications already provide.

I can see where your like, “This dude is a pessimist, can he just take it for what it is?” But, I like giving people the opportunity to see more than just the “well-known.”

Because folks, I’ve learned majority of your travel based experiences happen in those unknown Mom and Pap stores, or down that random country road.

I think some gems should remain hidden so that you can find them along your journey, but I’m still awaiting for an app or website of some sort to bring that Small Town America flare to us travelers.

Embracing my inner Superman at the Superman Museum, in Metropolis IL.

Because the more ease of access, the more understanding of you can go to these small towns and have that great experience you’ve been missing out on all this time.

It’s about bringing that experience to the people.

It’s about discovering.

I’ve reached those other bloggers and small town travelers in the world of Instagram, but I’m seeking out a bigger idea than most platforms have to offer.

A real time showcase of where your at, giving the person some information on the offerings of that said town.

Now yea, that’s one heck of a undertaking.

But can you imagine for one second, not having to wonder around a town for the first hour or two to see what’s around you? But just to be able to see Travellers, Bloggers, and Vloggers post up about their own experiences in that area?

That’s the idea with Loop, the current application I’m apart of. From the beginning discovering and exploring have always been a big part of my world, so I wanted to expand on that.

I wanted to bring that idea to life, which is the ease of travel for everyday people. So that they can experience it all, by just the ease of a button.

Want to know what is going on in your small town tonight?

Or are you in Nashville and want to know which bar is hopping the most?

Simple, press one button and your already in the Loop.

Making connecting, discovering and exploring, easier each and every second.

Until next time,

J. Nicholas.

(MainManAdventures & Loop Marketing Operations)
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