How to Integrate Loopy Loyalty with Hubspot & WIX using Zapier

This article will show you how to set up an integration with Loopy Loyalty through Zapier allowing your customers to sign up to your digital stamp card, record their details in Hubspot CRM and issue a pass via email.

Step 1: Connecting Loopy Loyalty with Zapier

Step 2: Creating the HubSpot CRM / Loopy Loyalty Zap

Step 3: Creating Loopy loyalty / Gmail Zap to send emails

Step 4: Add the HubSpot CRM form to your WIX website (or any other website).

Step 5: Test the full process

The finished process will be:

WIX (or any website) >> Hubspot >> Loopy Loyalty >> Gmail

For this tutorial you will need the following:

  1. A Loopy Loyalty account, with one card designed and activated.
  2. A Zapier Account
  3. A WIX website (or your current website)
  4. A HubSpot CRM Account with a Lead Flow already created.
  5. A Gmail account.

Step 1. Connect Loopy Loyalty to Zapier.

Log in to your Zapier account, when looking at the dashboard click on ‘Connect Accounts’.

Next, search for Loopy Loyalty, and select ‘Loopy Loyalty (1.0.0)’

In the pop up box that is displayed after selecting, enter your Loopy Loyalty log in details.

If the connection was successful, your Loppy Loyalty account will be listed on the Connections Page. You can test the connection by clicking the ‘Test’ button.

If the test was successful, the button will turn green.

Congratulations, your Loopy Loyalty account is now connected to Zapier!

Step 2. Creating the HubSpot CRM / Loopy Loyalty Zap.

Step 2.1 Trigger Set up

Before starting the Zap, please ensure you have at least one contact added to Hubspot CRM. I have added a test contact.

Let’s set up the Zap! This will issue a new stamp card with the contacts name and email address, when they are added to Hubspot CRM.

Open the Zapier dashboard, and click on ‘MAKE A ZAP!’.

First we need to set up the ‘Trigger’. The trigger is what needs to happen in order to carry out an action. In this example, the trigger is the contact being added to the HubSpot CRM.

Use the search box to find the HubSpot CRM Trigger App.

Ensure you choose HubSpot CRM.

Next, choose the Trigger. We need the Trigger to be when a contact is added to the HubSpot CRM.

When done, click the blue ‘Save + Continue’ button.

In order for Zapier to interact with HubSpot, we need to connect the account.

Click ‘Connect an Account’.

A pop up will open and ask for your HubSpot Hub ID. This can be found at the top right of the HubSpot dashboard.

Take a note of the Hub ID and enter it into the connect popup. Click ‘Yes, Continue’ when done.

Now you will need to authorize Zapier to use your HubSpot CRM data.

Return to Zapier and you will see your HubSpot CRM account now available in the Zap set up.

Click on the test button to the right to check the connection is working, then click on the blue ‘Save+Continue’ button.

Nearly done with this step, the next page in Zapier will test the step to make sure it can fetch a contact. Remember previously we made sure at least one contact was in the HubSpot CRM? Well, this is why!

Awesome, it works!

Click continue to move to the next step.

Step 2.2 Action Setup

The action is what happens after the Zap is triggered. In this example, when a contact is added to the HubSpot CRM (Trigger), we want a Loopy Loyalty to add the customer to your program, and issue a stamp card using their details (Action).

After clicking ‘Continue’ in the step above, you will see the page to select the action.

Select ‘Loopy Loyalty (1.0.0)’.

Select ‘Enrol Customer’ from the Loopy Loyalty Actions list, and click the blue ‘Save+Continue’ button.

Check the selected Loopy Loyalty account is correct and click the blue ‘Save+Continue’ button.

Note: If have more than one Loopy Loyalty account connected they will be listed here. If you wish to connect another Loopy Loyalty account at this stage then choose ‘Connect an Account’ and follow the process.

Choose the Stamp Card you wish to connect with your Zap.

In this example I will be using the Cupcakes Stamp Card.

The next step is important. This allows us to match the HubSpot data field with the Loopy Loyalty field.

In this example,

LL First Name = HS First Name

LL Last Name = HS Last Name

LL Email Address = HS Email

You can browse all Hubspot fields by clicking the button to the right (shown below), and then select from the list.

Alternatively you can type to search for a field.

When done it will look like mine below, click the blue ‘Continue’ button to finish.

We can now test that the Zap is working.


Click on Finish.

Lastly for this step, give it a name and switch it on.

Click on ‘See it on your dashboard’.

Here it is!

Recap: What have we done so far?

With this Zap, we can now add a contact in HubSpot, and then enrol that contact as a customer in Loopy Loyalty.

Before moving on, let’s test this works.

Go to the HubSpot CRM contacts page, and click on ‘Add Contact’.

Enter the details on the form and click ‘Create contact’.

Here is the contact in HubSpot CRM.

Now open the Loopy Loyalty dashboard and view customers.

You can see my new contact listed.

Great! All working so far.

Step 3. Creating Loopy Loyalty / Gmail Zap to send emails

Step 3.1 Set up the Trigger

Next we need to be able to send our Customer a link so they can install their stamp card. We need a new Zap to enable this.

From your Zapier Dashboard, click on ‘MAKE A ZAP!’.

As before, we need to select the Trigger App, this time Loopy Loyalty will be the trigger that sends the email.

Select Loopy Loyalty (1.0.0)

Select the Trigger to be used, in this example we want the email to be sent when the customer is added to Loopy Loyalty.

Select ‘Enrol’, then click the blue ‘Save+Continue’ button.

Ensure the correct Loopy Loyalty account is selected, then click the blue ‘Save+Continue’ button.

Note: If have more than one Loopy Loyalty account connected they will be listed here. If you wish to connect another Loopy Loyalty account at this stage then choose ‘Connect an Account’ and follow the process.

Select the Stamp Card to be used with this, I am using the Cupcakes stamp card (as set up in the previous Zap).

When done, click the blue ‘Continue’ button.

Now test the Trigger is working.

Ensure you have at least on recent enrolled customer in Loopy Loyalty. When I tested the HubSpot-Loopy Loyalty Zap earlier, that enrolled a customer, so that will be fine.

Click ‘Fetch & Continue’ when ready.

Success! Click on ‘Continue’ to proceed to adding an action.

Step 3.2 Set up the Action

In this example, Gmail is used to send the email to the customer.

Find Gmail listed on the page, or search using the search box, click to select.

Select the Action required. In this example I want to send an email when the customer is added to Loopy Loyalty.

Select ‘Send Email’, then click the blue ‘Save+Continue’ button.

I don’t have a Gmail account already connected, so let’s add one now.

Click on ‘Connect an Account’.

Select your Gmail account to use, there may be a list if you use multiple Google accounts.

‘Allow’ Zapier to access your Gmail account.

Check the correct Gmail account is being used, then click the blue ‘Save+Continue’ button.

Now the email template needs to be set up.

The email template can be populated using data taken from Loopy Loyalty, most commonly,

To = Customer Data Email address

To see what data tags are available, click the drop down to the right.

In the email body we can also insert data from Loopy Loyalty.

First Name = Customer Data First Name

Stamp Card Unique ID = Customer Id

Note, to display the URL to install the card use,

When finished, click ‘Continue’.

Test it’s working, click ‘Create & Continue’.

Success! Click ‘Finish’.

Finally, name your Zap and switch it on. Then click on ‘See it on your Dashboard’.

The new Zap is now listed with the HubSpot/Loopy Loyalty Zap.

Recap: We can now do the following,

  1. When a user is added to the HubSpot contact list, they are enrolled as a customer in your Loopy Loyalty Stamp Card Program.
  2. When the customer is enrolled in your Loopy Loyalty Stamp Card Program, an email is sent to the customer containing the link to install the stamp card on their device.

Step 4. Add the HubSpot CRM form to your WIX website.

Log into your WIX account and click to ‘Manage’ your website.

Click to ‘Edit Site’.

Click Add >> More >> Select ‘HTML Code’.

Retrieve the tracking code from HubSpot CRM.

Navigate to the Settings page on your HubSpot CRM dashboard, and click on ‘Installation’.

Copy the Tracking Code.

Back to WIX, you will see box showing on the website page design, click on ‘Enter Code’ and paste the Tracking code in the box provided.

Ensure ‘Code’ is selected under ‘What do you want to add’.

Resize the box so the Pop Up from HubSpot CRM displays, the re-position on the page.

When done, click ‘Save’ (top right) and then ‘Publish Now’ to update your live site.

That’s it!

Note, the HubSpot CRM tracking code can be added to any website, simply paste the tracking code directly before the </body> tag in the HTML of your website.

Step 5. Test the full process

We can now test the full process from start to finish,

Navigate to your WIX website (or your chosen website) and complete the HubSpot form. It takes a minimum of 7 seconds for the pop up to display (if you have changed the displays settings in your Lead Flow then wait accordingly, or trigger the pop up).

Now you can check your,

  • HubSpot CRM Contact List
  • Loopy Loyalty Dashboard Customers
  • Email from Loopy Loyalty with your card.

Get Started with Zapier

Let us know how you get on in the comments below! If you have any questions be sure to check out our Knowledge Base or get in touch with us.