Just Another Tuesday in August

One of my old friends who I went to high school with recently published a blog post about her struggle with body image- it was one of the most authentic, brave and honest pieces of writing i’ve stumbled upon in a while. After reading it on her blog, I reached out to her and insisted that she posted it on Medium as well. Doing that earlier today reminded me that I have been telling myself for months and months that I would do the same- document my unfiltered, raw and imperfect thoughts here (with some sprinkles of refinement).

I have always loved writing, but the vulnerability it provokes within has never been lost upon me. It’s the reason I have endless drafts in countless folders. It’s one thing to write, but another to share. Writing is always something I’ve done for myself, but i’m more ready than ever to challenge myself and do something that I’ve always viewed as daunting yet has the potential to be extremely liberating.

One of my goals is to write a dedicated piece of content here every month for the next year (it’s going to be a substantial one if I keep going at this rate). I look forward to sharing more about my life with you all and hopefully igniting something that resonates with at least a few other open minds & hearts.