Ironhack Barcelona + Job and Talent

My technical test experience.

It was March and I was almost into half way of my online course with the UX Desing Institute. Having a look through the web and add caught my attention, some scholarships were offered to study in Ironhack!

I applied immediately without thinking too much.

Just a few days later I got the exciting news: I was accepted to come to Barcelona into the second round! This would include a technical test and a personal interview.

I found this as a great occasion to visit the school and experienced this process. And plus I also have wanted to visit Barcelona!

The school is well located. With an open, bright and modern interior. I found it like a laboratory of ideas inviting for creativity.

We were welcomed and had a masterclass. We got an explanation of what we need to do. The task asked was to improve the experience for the app ‘ Mil Anuncios’. We were given a persona and the following scenario:

A young professional is looking to buy a second hand I phone XR-64GB. | Maximum budget is 700 €. |He’s looking for a phone in good conditions and in white colour.| He’s looking in a local area to him or wouldn’t mind paying for the post. | He’s looking for a secure method.

An Ironhack team member explaining at the masterclass.

We were asked to make sketches with pen and paper, photograph the wireframes, and then, create a prototype on the app, Marvel.

I started the task by revising the app, looking for issues that could be improved. What I notice was: the search engine wasn’t offering enough filters options, therefore the results from the search weren’t very accurate. So the problem that it’s being sorted ( joining second-hand products with buyers) is not working in the most efficient way.

App ‘ Mil Anuncios ‘ search and results screens.

Another issue that I spotted, it’s when you get the search results is not any tool to clasified or compare them. This makes more difficult finding a product according to the needs of the user.

My hand-made sketches ready to prototype on Marvel.

After this quick evaluation, I started my sketches.
I proposed extensive filter options on the search engine. So when buyers are looking for products can get more accurate results.

I also add the options to sort the results by a certain parameter and to compare two favourite results. So users can prioritise some characteristics against others and compromise.

Keeping the brief in mind, I also proposed a ‘Trusted members’ feature. The app would have a system in which members are verified, ensuring the transaction can be made with peace of mind.

On my quick trip, I also have time to enjoy a bit of Barcelona. A lively city with a magnificent and inspiring culture scene. -Barcelona Skyline from Gaudi’s Park Guell.-

It was a big challenge completing the test in just 40 minutes! But it was great to be able to propose a solution that could be tested and afterwards iterate. I learnt not to aim for perfectionism.

I learnt the benefit of working on the paper. It allows you to find quick possible solutions that can be easily amended.

I found out that a paper prototype in Marvel is a very powerful tool and resource. It can be used for quick improvements and user testing.

A week later after the test, I got exciting news. I was awarded a partial scholarship! I was greatly grateful to Ironhack + Job and Talent for this fantastic opportunity. Although I decided to decline the scholarship as I was already enrolled in another online course, and the remaining cost for this program was no convenient for me at that time.

I wish the other candidates a successful experience and studies at Ironhack Barcelona!

I’m a UX / UI designer passionate in creating Human-Centered solutions.