An online course provided by +Acumen and through NovoEd platform.

As part of my UX studies, I started to feel interested in the human-centred approach. I joined this course, on my wish to get deeper into the field.

The challenge was huge: “ An Introduction to the methods and tools of human-centred design, while tackling a real-world design problem”.

I also felt very motivated to be able to provide a Social Change, and just on time, I found a great remote team, with a topic of the big interest for me, regarding Inclusive Learning.

I explain in this article a bit about the project worked on and the Design Process.

My technical test experience.

It was March and I was almost into half way of my online course with the UX Desing Institute. Having a look through the web and add caught my attention, some scholarships were offered to study in Ironhack!

I applied immediately without thinking too much.

Just a few days later I got the exciting news: I was accepted to come to Barcelona into the second round! This would include a technical test and a personal interview.

I found this as a great occasion to visit the school and experienced this process. And plus I also have wanted to visit Barcelona!

The school is…

Laura Lopez

I’m a UX / UI designer passionate in creating Human-Centered solutions.

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