To Dance, is to Enjoy

If you take dance and belong to a studio, you are either a recreational- “rec”, dancer or a competition-“comp”, dancer. To many, the path they choose, determines their self-worth. Rec dancers often feel like they aren’t as good as the comp dancers, because they don’t take as many classes as a comp dancer or that they aren’t as flexible as the other. And sometimes, the studios like to favor the comp dancers. From personal experience, I have felt like the comp dancers were better than me and that I wasn’t equal to them.
But when I am dancing with rec dancers, I feel welcome, at home, comfortable and I feel like I can be myself. I am not competing with my classmates. Instead I’m dancing with them. For many, this is far more enjoyable. I asked a fellow rec dancer who goes to my dance studio if she feels like rec or comp was better. She said, “Rec, because you do not have as much stress during class, because you only perform at recital and not a bunch of comps, so you have a lot of time to prepare to preform and you can really improve on your dances.” She also stated that it is more enjoyable because you are less stressed and can have fun.
Some rec dancers don’t do competition because it is too expensive. According to a mom named Stephanie on her blog, she stated that she is paying around $10,000 a year for her one child. For me, a rec dancer, it costs me $2,250 a year to take 7 dance classes, covering all forms of dance. Rec dance would be the least expensive choice, but opens up the world of all dance forms to everyone.
But in the end, whether you are a comp dancer, a rec dancer, or just love to dance, you should enjoy it as much as you can. Dance is an amazing form of art and is a great discipline. It doesn’t matter if you can do 10 pirouettes in a row or you can’t do the splits, every dancer is a great dancer as long as you have passion and determination.,d.eWE&psig=AFQjCNF2qCblB-BG5bSr86Hx_wAmaznt5w&ust=1472257488503793

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