To gamify companies, the challenge is to have happy employees.

Gamification is the application of game principles in different environments to motivate people to achieve goals which they would not do by themselves.

Let´s imagine our goal is to run or jog for a period of time. It seems to be an easy goal, simple, right? I guess not many of us would be motivated to wake up early every morning to do this. But let´s imagine there is a prize to win and our friends are there with us to watch. There is another group of people competing for the prize. That´s the difference. It’s not only about the exercise. It is about the challenge, a game, which motivates us to play and win. You will extend yourself to achieve the goal of exercising.

This example allows us to understand that Gamification is more than a “simple game”. It is about responding to the challenge and enjoying executing the task in a way we would not do using our own resources.

Now, let´s think about the influence these techniques could have in the work environment. It is an environment in which creativity, new proposals, a healthy lifestyle and unity can leave behind problems such as losing employees and a lack of physical activity inside the company.

DAUCUS, Happier Employees

DAUCUS is a platform which facilitates the gamification process in a company. It does this in a simple way by rewarding employees for their actions which contribute to achieving the goals which make every day more enjoyable for employees. Yes, that´s how it works!

The process has 4 simple steps:

1. Create a company account.

2. Register all empolyees.

3. Identify achievements and their equivalent in coins.

4. Create rewards which can be purchased with the coins employees earn.

How DAUCUS increased productivity in my company.

At Webprogramo we are always thinking about how to change the way employees think about the Company. Like many technology (ICT) companies we have daily problems including:

1. A sedentary lifestyle and unhealthy habits.

2. Employees who felt dissociated from their co-workers in the work environment and did not share any interests outside work.

3. Low productivity levels for different reasons.

Results and conclusions.

After 2 weeks of using DAUCUS in my company our experience has been positive:

· Some employees now have healthier habits.

· Productivity has increased by 10%

· We created activities to entertain and engage our employees in their free time (e.g. chess, dominoes)

· Our employees have earned 30 medals and a total of 200 coins.

I hope my experience with Gamification will be helpful and can be applied in your company to improve the wellbeing of your employees.