Lots of women are interested in video games

[youtube http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QlfdKxB-lQ]


I really want people to know these stats. And the observation that if you think about women’s interests in your gaming content, women will more likely watch your content.
Male gaming youtubers
  • Average female audience = 12.80%.
  • The median female audience
    percentage was 8.6%.
  • Standard deviation was 10.9%.
  • The lowest percentage was 3% while the
    highest was 43.5%
Female gaming youtubers
  • Average female audience = 23%.
  • The median female audience
    percentage was 17%.
  • Standard deviation was 15.4%.
  • The lowest percentage
    was 7% while the highest was 69%.
An observation made, to both gendered youtubers, was that the active thought of being inclusive to both genders resulted in a higher female audience. Even women who said they did not try to cater to women had a lower female audience.
People who EITHER play games women like (RPGS, Bioware games, The Sims), OR actively try to be conscious about how women feel, had a higher female audience percentage.
ANOTHER POINT is that google assumes your gender based on your interests. So if you are female and interested in games that are not the Sims or RPGs, you could be mistaken as male. This could account for the extremely low female audiences of some youtube channels that cover strategy or indie games.
I can finally understand why so many men and boys think girls are not interested in games. It’s because women and girls tend to want to enjoy games with each other, or with people who actively want to make a comfortable space for female gamers.
TL;DR Representation of female interests, OR female thinking will result in a higher female interest in video games. Lots of women are interested in video games, they just need the right atmosphere to want to participate.
Please share this. Not for view counts, I don’t give a fuck. I just really want this information out there and for people to think about this. Women will show interest in gaming content if you take the time to consider them.
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