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Many people are shocked to learn I am not as financially successful as they see my skills bringing to my life. I have two Master’s degrees. I have the plan for my doctorate all worked out but I don’t have the financial aid to finish. I haven’t had one job I needed my degrees for, nor have I ever been promoted based on my skills. I’ve had the privilege to see my ideas make others money though.

No, this is not a whiny rant. There’s a reason.

Some people are not well suited for monetizing themselves.

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During my big push to become a startup success story, I joined coFounders Lab. At the time, I was engaged and had a feeling my “partner” wasn’t a good business fit for me. Surprise! In fact, its me who isn’t the person to bring a business into funding. Well not exactly…

No, this isn’t an advertisement for BOSI either. I prefaced this article with my personal experience for those of you who have this deep passion for getting the job done, for fixing others issues but don’t have the career results you feel proud of. This is how I help people like Omarr Robinson.

Meet The Real O

Poetry of Freedom and Love

The poetry book is a work of Robinson’s life. It travels through the ups and downs he experienced in relationships, friendships and being a single parent. The poems are meant to open a door of deep thought and emotion. It will cause readers to embark on a personal journey of pride, humility and love. The majority of the poetic works are of a loving and romantic nature, but also delve into the pain of loss, enduring hope and soulful ruminations. It gives insight into the heart and mind of a man dealing with deep love, regret, triumph and new beginnings.

With customer reviews like this: Wow! Wasn’t Expecting This. Worth The Read you’d think he’d have a better online following. Sadly he doesn’t. He has the ability to go out face-to-face and get interviews, negotiate ad contracts and build a IRL following but online, he’s a hot-mess. The sad part about it is …I could turn all of that around in about a week and for him, I will but, I have to do it for free.


Cosplayers don’t make as much money as you think. Here’s a breakdown on the different avenues that cosplayers can receive income besides doing commission work.

People like Omarr fall into two categories: hobbyist or the real deal. A hobbyist doesn’t realize they are really only doing enough to enjoy the idea of being a business owner. The real deal doesn’t care if they are an entrepreneur or not. They have goals they want to reach, period. Omarr is one of those people who just keeps going even when its like, “are you seriously not seeing this isn’t working?”

Where It Goes Wrong

You can take every assessment on the planet, read every article, etc. until you face the brutal truth:

whatever you do has to provide an income for you to do it and a lifestyle worthy of you doing it

You have to be able to look at your work with a critical eye, step outside of yourself and execute a left brained function. But you are a right-brained person. What to do? Well becoming a split brained personality is not advisable. Trust me. If you honestly look at a personality like Lady Gaga, she has a staff the size of a small country, well maybe an island. Tony Robbins is about the 1 person I could honestly say built himself and even he would tell you he couldn’t have done it alone.

a man who helped Tony Robbins build his seminar business, back when Robbins was an unknown with a lot of debt, but even more ambition. Michael Hutchison was an early Robbins Research International trainer and sales manager. — Building Tony Robbins’ Business Before He Was Famous

So when my friend sent me an email asking for 10 minutes of my time to help him solve an SEO problem → When you search for The Real O Show all you find is the The Real O’Neals. I knew he had NO idea what he was asking. However, the way he phrased the request made me stop and take a moment to help. That was over 2 hours ago.

By the time you read this, the above video should have a custom thumbnail, a real description and hopefully some views. What does missing thumbnails and video descriptions have to do with Google search results? Read here.

How Search Engines Operate


you do to become something greater than yourself, takes more than you to do it. It takes attention to detail, objectivity, courage, humility… Welcome to the root of what makes a brand unforgettable.

I wrote this article in this fashion to say this.

There is NO magic bullet for success

There is only what you know, in your heart you need, and the courage to go and find it.

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