Minimalism can lead to a more abundant life.

I was brought to awareness again about minimalism over the last couple of weeks due to my travels and the company I work for moving. When I was traveling, I realized how much I brought on my trip was not needed, as most of those things could either be picked up when I was there, or simply did not need at all in case of dire emergencies. When my company was moving, it was insane to see how many things that have not been touched in years were requested to remain in storage, even though they would never serve a purpose again.

Why are people afraid to embrace minimalism?

On a personal note, I find it gratifying and freeing to get rid of things that I have not used for a long time and have no use for again. I’m able to keep my life simple and keep the clutter at a minimum.

Everytime that I do go through a clearing out process, I’m always shocked how much stuff piles up. Do I really have that many shirts? Where did all these files come from? Why are there so many apps on my phone even though most of them I don’t use? These are constant questions that appear time and time again when I’m doing a clearing to help return to minimalism.

So why do some people refuse to embrace minimalism?

What’s the point of keeping around clothes that you haven’t worn in years? Are you going to find a purpose for it again? Is it going to come back into style? Why not donate it to a second-hand store or a charity and let those who may not be as fortunate use it? Sure, you may want to use that app one day on your phone, but why not delete it for now and just download it when you want to use it? Yes, you may follow a lot of websites on your RSS feed, but I wouldn’t be surprised if you only read a few select sources, as opposed to all your subscriptions. Did all the things you packed for your trip give you peace of mind, or was it another thing that you had to worry about?

Are you afraid to embrace minimalism? What’s the real reason for holding onto stuff that has not seen the light of days for years? Are you holding onto the past?

Why not let go and embrace minimalism?

You don’t have to throw everything out at once. Take it one step at a time. Go through each room one at a time and see what you can clear out. You’ll be surprised how many things have piled up and wonder to yourself why you still hold onto it. Before you know it, you’ll have enough momentum to move onto the next room, and before you know it, you’ll have garbage bags full of things ready to be thrown out or donated.

It should be noted that minimalism doesn’t have to just be materialistic.

You can minimize what you focus on. You can minimize who you spend your time with. You can minimize what you focus on at work. You can minimize what you focus on with your hobbies. You can minimize your mind through meditation.

Minimalism is a topic that scares many. Why not give it a try?

Originally published at on February 17, 2016.