Running: Never-Ending Poem Prompt

Photo by lucas Favre on Unsplash

Ribbon that
Fractures with
Each trespass to
Find truth and purpose.
Journey of torture
Potholes distract
And passionate
Rhythms of creation.
Each step with wheezing
Five seconds behind
Controlled breath
Running from

© 2020 Lora Lucente. All Rights Reserved.

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Thank you to Samantha Lazar for inviting me to play her prompt for the Never-Ending Poem.

And now it’s my turn to invite 10 poets with a new prompt:


Come and join the fun!

Eli Snow, Elise, Elai Batac, Connie…

A Dream

Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash

White light
A line which divides
Between here and there
Shoulder bare
Slip underneath
The safety of
warm blankets —
Then back to
A sea . . .
Free from pain
And stress
Float downstream
To fuzzy lands
Where sunshine
Grows smiles
And hot cocoa —
Flying down
A twisted staircase
To an underground castle
Starfish sparkles with
Magic that brings
Loved ones back . . .
Tears and mumbles
Back under the blankets
Refuge from sheep
But never to
See them again
How can we
Recreate the same dream?
Security and no cares.

A Sleepless Lament

Photo by Hailey Kean on Unsplash

My mind doesn’t stop,
But my body can’t move.
What is sleep?
A dream lost in the past —
When moonbeams and stardust
Predicted blissful pictures?

Tick tock.

The clock mocks my agony
As my dogs and husband snore.
They all look so peaceful —
I wonder what they would do if
They were paralyzed by my visions?

Tick tock!

Toil and shift out of desperation.
Like a spoon in a prison cell.
Noir to periwinkle before I can blink —
Anxiety wins once again,
Thief of my peace.

© 2020 Lora Lucente. All Rights Reserved.

Thank you for reading…

Lora Lucente


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