Finishing my third novel…..

I have written three novels to date and a few short stories. One horror short story was read on a podcast’s halloween episode, and the first novel, I published…..but after the first bad review I chickened out and pulled it off.

I learned about self-publishing, took courses, became a ninja writer, met some other awesome people that are on the same journey.

It is now almost time to push that publish button again. I will be doing it twice in so many months, and I have to admit I am scared to death.

Do I really have what it takes to be a writer? Will anyone even read it?

I was listening to a podcast today and I heard the guest, a self published author with an upcoming movie deal, and who has sold millions of books say something that really resonated with me.

If you write it one person at least will read it, maybe 10 people. Those people will enjoy it. You will have put something out there that people enjoyed.

I loved this and it came at just the right time for me. I have a great career as a mental health therapist in a juvenile detention center. I love my job and make a decent income. So if my writing does not make me a ton of money no big.

I really do want to write for those 10 people out there somewhere.

So, once in June, and once in August this year I am going to hit publish.

Then after that I am going to write more, and hit that publish button again and again.

Here is to me finding those 10 people.