Building damage Assessment and Safety Tips

Natural disasters, floods, fires and other catastrophes are the common reason for building damage. The question occurs how to do building damage assessment and what steps should follow to prevent future damage? This article provides the information about structural damage assessment procedures and setting priorities of action and safety.

There are several home and building inspection associations which provide a professional training and guidance to help structural engineers and workers who asked to evaluate the condition of structure or building due to flood or other disaster.

Things That are included in Building Damage Assessment:
An initial report, Find the causes of damage and decorate technical plan and budget
Design supervision
On-site inspections
Material testing
Testing of construction unites
Final report

Safety tips when an engineer or other is entering & repairing a building after a disaster:
Keep on hearing to a NOAA Weather Radio or local radio stations and return home only when authorities indicate it is safe to do so. will not stop when the water starts to retreat. There may be flood related dangers within your community, which you might listen through local broadcasts.

Do not work alone: Have a assistance with you or working radio, cell-phone to use to summons assistance.

Do not walk through flowing water otherwise it can cause of flood death. Utilize a stick or pole to be sure that the ground is still there before you go through an area where the water is not flowing.

Keep distance from electronic items.

Remember these advices before entering in flood damaged building or residence to keep yourself safe.

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