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Im starting to feel sorry for you liberals, at first it was funny watching you guys go crazy, now just sad watching you, To help you snowflakes from believing all the fake news stories im going to give you a little cheat sheet to help you guys understand tax dollars spent. the 1 st 43 presidents spent 10.4 trillion total ,the44th president took office with a 10.4 trillion national debt, left office at almost 20 trillion. he added (not spent, he spent way more) 9.6 trillion of tax payer debt. lets say he averaged 4.8 trillion of debt each term, this can be used as a guide line after 4 years and maybe 8 of where the 2 people stand using tax payer dollars.if trump adds more then 4.8 trillion ,obama wins and under 4.8 trillion trump wins after 4 years and double for 8 years. Hoping this makes liberals think for once and not believe everything that they like to hear

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