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21 Days is Not Long Enough

Recently I experimented with a 21 day challenge to cut back on screen time. I managed to do it within a structure of public accountability. Once that accountability was removed, I nearly doubled my screen time over the next 7 days. In The 100 Day Promise, Sandi Amorim suggests that 100 days is a more realistic expectation for making long-lasting change. I agree.

To transform is to alter, modify, shift, adjust or regenerate. A journey can be a process of development. A transformation journey is an inner voyage that results in a metamorphosis. Although change is natural and organic, it seems, like most people, I resist it.

Change requires intention, consistency and determination. Internal changes come from a desire within for things to be different, a sense of drive or purpose, a yearning, or simply a need to feel happier. Transformation occurs after making a decision to take action. New behaviors take time to settle in.

Fear often precedes action: the fear of failure or the fear of success, the fear of not doing anything or the fear of doing something new. Fear can be paralyzing. Maybe the fear arises from concern about what other people will think, do, or say. There is the fear that things will get worse. Change requires courage and a loving, gentle approach.

I set an intention to change my behavior. I experimented with new things when I wasn’t online. I expected to feel uncomfortable and anticipated internal resistance. I listened to my self-talk. Writing thoughts and feelings down in my journal helped me identify what I didn’t want to think about when scrolling mindlessly through social media.

Resistance occurred. As soon as my 21 days were up, I reverted right back to habitual behavior. It’s an interesting process to observe, but I’m not beating myself up over it. I’ll just take a few more months to play around with what works for me to stay engaged with my life offline.

In what ways does change challenge you?


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