66 and counting on Day 6

Climbing Paro Taktsang, The Tiger’s Nest, Bhutan 2008

Update on the 21 day challenge for Not-So-Anonymous-Phone-Addicts.

Today is my birthday and yes, I checked texts and messages first thing. The point it, it’s my birthday!

Yesterday I had an emotional moment remembering my 33 on the 3rd birthday and years training in martial arts. I was young and strong, but sad to say, I didn’t know how to appreciate my body then. I thought I was fat even when I wasn’t. (Body dysmorphia is a topic for another day.)

There are times when it’s difficult not to yearn for something in the past. However, a friend reminded me today to rejoice on my journey — the places I’ve seen, the moments I’ve shared, the joys and lessons I’ve learned.

“Embrace and celebrate the wonder of you and your life!” ~ Kathryn

I’m fortunate that I could travel to many exotic places around the world. I’m lucky that I get to go to Scotland in May! I have a steady and true husband of 32 years. Two beautiful adult daughters, family and friends care about me. In general, I’m still healthy. I live a life of privilege. (That’s another topic I’ll address in the near future.)

I appreciate the connections I’ve made through social media, even if there are downsides. Challenges exist in all things including excessive screen time. I’m more aware of the urge to pick up the phone and the time I spend on it is decreasing a little, except for when it’s my birthday.

“Addicts of any kind are primarily addicted to looking away.” ~ Tommy Rosen

Unfortunately, one of my character defects is self-pity. If I turned away from the feelings about losing physical strength, my friend might not have reminded me to be grateful for the many good things in my life.

Now I’m off to enjoy some Ukranian poppy seed cake when it comes out of the oven.