Day 11 but who’s counting?

Ice on PJ’s Pond, Big Horn, Wyoming

I’m learning a few things with this Not-So-Anonymous-Phone-Addicts process.

If my daughters text me, I will answer at any time of night or day. If friends or other family members text me, it’s the same. They aren’t part of my social media platforms, they are an important part of my life. And, I’m still taking photos with my phone.

However. There is danger in picking up the phone. The harmless thought arises, “I can just do a quick check on FB and IG.” These checks are, in fact, quicker. I’m not lingering, especially in the morning.

However. When I’m tired at night, I want to mindlessly scroll through posts because I don’t really want to have to think. This could be a symptom of screen addiction because the ability to concentrate decreases with an increase in internet surfing or watching YouTube.

Spotify gave me a free Hulu account. Uh oh. Now I’m watching This is Us after finishing up six episodes of Shrill in two nights. I suspect binge-watching can count as addictive behavior, if it’s “turning away” from something. Perhaps it depends on how many hours get frittered away. My FitBit thinks I’ve gone to sleep if I watch for too long.

There aren’t any clear cut rules or guidelines for this newly formed tiny group of two. No one has joined me on the quest to examine and even cut back on screen time. I don’t know how Oleksii is doing with new members.

Judging from the numbers of people I observe on their phones in restaurants and airports, I’d say we could grow the group. I suspect confronting phone time can be a little threatening. It’s been interesting to pay attention to my behavior and thought patterns. Only 10 days to go!