Using up fossil fuels is simply not sustainable.

Right now, the risk is poorly understand, but grossly overstated. It is being couched in exaggerated terms such as “catastrophic” regardless of the evidence or science. At the same time, we have little understanding as to the risk of alternatives which are being pushed on us. I consider this the “Law of Unintended Consequences.”

Based on my understanding of the issues, my children are better off with inexpensive fossil fuels than some arbitrary alternative out of some misguided fear. These types of policies will lead to increases in national poverty rates and income inequality. The worst possibility is in thirty years when they are being asked to pay for the crimes of “Big Solar” or “Big Wind”, which I foresee as inevitable.

We don’t know the “precise” size of the problem, but we know it is not as significant as you are portraying. In 70 years of accelerated fossil fuel usage, the world is far better off. The only thing that would make it worse is a rise in worldwide poverty rates, not a slight rise in temperature.

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