There is no such thing as Individuality

You can grow up your entire life with your parents saying how special and unique you are, but in reality the idea is just a myth. Individuality is when a specific quality or trait makes the person different from others of the same thing. But the thing is there’s an infinite chance of that not being true.

Take your name for instance. My names Nolan Ashton R., but is it really just mine? How many other people out there bare the same name as i do? Does it bother anyone else that someone else has YOUR name? Maybe not now, maybe not for another hundred years, or even maybe a hundred years ago. Someone else has had or will bare the name you do now. Now I get having the same name doesn’t entirely destroy individuality, but when names are given it should be like a video game. Every single player/person gets their own name, their own personality.

Now for personality, people will tell you no single person is exactly the same and I think that’s a lie. Everybody is made up of their own traits that they share with others. Whether it’s physically; such as brown eyes or blonde hair, or talent wise like ballet or playing the trumpet. But other people have these talents and qualities. Take a moment to think right now, what’s your best quality? Maybe it’s cooking, or soccer, or writing.

Someone else in this world is just as talented as you, they have the same qualities as you. Any trait you think is only for you, someone else has. ‘Well someone else can’t have all the same traits as me can!’ you say but they can. Whether it’s now or a hundred years from now, there will be another you. Someone who looks, thinks, and behaves just like you.

Individuality is fake. Now you can keep telling your kids and others around you to be themselves and individual. But in reality you never can be original, because in this world someone else could be exactly the same as you in every way shape and form. And you would never know it. Maybe at the beginning of time people and things were original copies, but in the millions of years the earths been around human’s have had every mix of trait qualities.

Thus I firmly believe that at this point in time it is physically and scientifically impossible to be individual. We’ve been on this planet too long for people to be original copies, when in reality were all just overused copies that have been repeated and will keep being repeated until the entire human race is extinct. And that’s how it will stay for the rest of our lives.