In addition to the many other hats I wear, I’m a teacher. As it’s my full-time job and what I spend the greatest proportion of my waking life doing, it’s possibly the most important aspect of my life. I’ve been a teacher for ten years, almost, starting my career fresh out of university with a head full of dreams and goals, idealistic and optimistic.

Like many teachers, I have experienced a slow fade of those ideals and dreams in my career, the burning passions and giddying highs giving way to a more stable, more realistic attitude to the often grim, but always rewarding, realities of the job. …

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One of the many things I spend my time doing is editing novels on Fiverr. I mostly work with those who intend to self-publish, and I mostly work on romance novels, although I’m not strict about these things.

I love doing editing jobs; my rates are really low, partly because it’s a bit of a hobby for me. I am a nerd for grammar, a geek for syntax and a freak for vocabulary. I haven’t been doing it long, but in my experience, here are a few things I’d recommend doing before sending your novel off for editing.

  1. Beta reading

This is usually a separate part of the process. …

So you’ve decided to write a YA novel! Congratulations! YA is a fantastic genre and one of my personal favourites. My experience here is based in my day job and in my side hustles. I work as an English teacher for teenagers and get to spend time reading and discussing YA literature with them; I also (obviously) just spend a lot of time around young people generally and experience how they think, speak and act. I also beta-read and edit manuscripts, and sometimes those manuscripts are YA. Pulling on that experience, here are five top tips for writing amazing YA.

1. Teenagers don’t really use text speak anymore

This one can be a bit of a shocker for slightly older writers. …




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