Detective Monroe: The Killing Of Mr. Bryce.

“Okay I’ll be there right away.” replied Detective Monroe on the phone. “You’re really going out there in this weather? It’s been raining nonstop for 3 days straight.” said Officer Hammond. With a slight laugh Monroe simply replied, “What can I say? I love my job.” Apparently the wealthy Alexander Bryce had been murdered in his own home & there’s 4 suspects that need to be questioned.

Monroe arrived to the scene to find Mr Bryce sitting up in bed, blue in the face. Breakfast plate undisturbed except for his orange juice which covered the bed. “He was poisoned” exclaimed the lead investigator. Now that Monroe knew the cause of death, it’s time to find out who did it.

Suspect #1 was the landscaper John. Dirty flannel, dirty jeans & dusty boots, Monroe knew right away John was a hardworking man. “Where were you earlier today Mr John?” John replied “ Well I’ve been workin’ outside all mornin’ & I just came in a while ago when yall got here. I can’t believe someone poisoned Mr Bryce. He was a good fella. But his wife? Awful woman.”

Suspect #2. Winston the Butler. An older gentlemen, late 60s. Monroe asked “Where were you earlier? See anything strange?” Winston replied “I was doing my rounds you know, cleaning sheets & tiding up, when I heard a loud shout from the chef upstairs telling us to call 911 because Mr Bryce was dead.” “So the Chef found Mr Bryce?” “Yes it was him” “Okay thanks Mr Winston.”

Suspect #3 Mrs Bryce. The Wife. Dashing woman in her 50s with a neck full of diamonds. Who didn’t seem upset at all over the news. “If you’re going to ask me if I killed my husband, the answer is no. Sure I had every reason to. He’s rich but complained about everything. My figure, our house, the cooking, our yard. You name it. Besides, I was shopping all morning. I can show you receipts.” Monroe decided to call her bluff. “May I see them now?” She simply replied “I’ll tell Winston to fetch them later.” “Well, thank you Mrs Bryce and sorry for your loss.” replied Monroe.

Suspect #4 Bruno The Chef. Heavy set fellow with a distinguish curly mustache. “Mr Bruno can you tell me what you were doing this morning & why were you in Mr Bryce’s bedroom?”

(With a nervous studder Bruno replied) We-we-ll I served him breakfast as usual. And when I went to go fetch his breakfast for cleanup, I saw him and I immediately yelled out. I promise I didn’t poison Mr Bryce. He was a great man to me. I’m a chef not a murderer.

Detective Monroe went over all the statements & clues in his notes & finally figured out who killed Mr Bryce.

Who Killed Alexander Bryce & Why?

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