Single Mothers In This Generation Don’t Get Enough Credit.

That needs to change.

Young women in this generation that are also good mothers, don’t get enough credit. We often lose sight of just how awesome they are. They have to carry the heavy responsibility of taking care of a child by themselves, that they didn’t create on their own. They sacrifice so much to make sure that their child is taken care of. It’s a constant struggle of balance. Balancing school, work, child care, a decent social life & down time. If you don’t break down physically, you will emotionally. Simply because mommy can’t take a break whenever she wants to. Being a parent isn’t a button you can switch on & off when you feel like it. It’s harder than it should be to get a guy to just care or be there for his child. It’s also expensive. Most of the time, young mothers are stuck by themselves with all the bills and it can get so stressful if family can’t help out much. It’s so overwhelming but they remain strong not only for themselves, but for their child. Single moms have to play mommy & daddy day in & day out when they shouldn’t have to. While men on the other hand, are basically voided of all responsibility simply because they “don’t want to.”

Sending money isn’t as valuable as spending time.

Young men these days would rather leave than step up to the plate, take responsibility & be a dad. A real dad. Instead, men get a huge pass when they get a girl pregnant. Please don’t sit there and defend them by saying “Well at least they can’t escape paying child support.” Sending money isn’t as valuable as spending time. Sending money isn’t as valuable as seeing your child take their first steps. Sending money isn’t going to make your child stop wondering why daddy never wants to spend time with me. They’re out here sending money to NOT spend time with their kids. Others send toys or other material things to compensate for not being around. Those guys will never understand how hard it is for these mothers to come up with excuse after excuse for why their child’s father doesn’t come around. How he promised something only to not deliver. Again. Constant disappointment that mommy has to deal with simply because the father of her child won’t for once in his life be real a dad.

I’ve spoken to a few friends that are currently single mothers. They’ve told me that dating is also hard sometimes because most guys don’t want to be with a girl that already has a child or kids. Also, between work, school & trying to find a reliable sitter, date night doesn’t always happen when they want it to. To me, good single mothers are invaluable. If you see her being a good mother to her child, that’s proof right there that she’ll be a good one to your kids if you both decide to have some together.

In conclusion, kudos to all the good single moms out there. You have one of the hardest jobs in the world but despite all the stress & obstacles it may bring, you always get it done.

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