So I called myself a retard two months ago. I just got the BNBR this morning, and with that I got my edit-block.

It wasn’t even for my name. No, it was because of Quora’s stupid policies.

Here’s what you can do when you’re edit blocked.

  • Read
  • Change your profile bio.

Here’s what you can’t do.

  • Write answers
  • Write posts
  • Ask questions
  • Upvote
  • Follow
  • Turn on/off notifications for people
  • A2A

So, in other words, Quora doesn’t know what an edit is. Those last four seem a bit absurd.

Look, if Quora could a) make their BNBR policy clearer, b) enforce it the same for everyone, and c) actually respond to appeals, then I’d stick around.

I got a BNBR for calling myself a retard. Why? Oh, someone probably got offended at my word choice and decided to get me blocked.

I got a BNBR after someone was being annoying in my messages and I blocked them. That was in March. I’ve appealed many times since then. Yeah… no response.

I’ve said fuck you twice in my answers to no particular person, and got BNBRed. Learned my lesson that day.

I got BNBRed after someone asked if it was a good idea to do take an IQ test, and I said if they did that they’re obviously not a genius. I appealed, and Quora actually responded, but nope. Still have that BNBR.

Their policy is bullshit. Someone picks favorites. There are people who get edit-blocked after 1 BNBR and there are people who get 49 and still aren’t blocked. There needs to be some consistency.

Quora, expect a nasty email later today. I’m done with your petty site.

This is the nice, BNBR-complying version of my statement. Quora’s version will include curse words every other word.

Anyway, I’ve been done with Quora for months now, and was waiting for something dumb to happen that would make me want to leave. That is this day.

I may upvote and stuff when my edit-block’s lifted but I guess I can’t answer questions anymore unless I want to be banned.

So this is basically my goodbye. It was fun while it lasted, but all good things must come to an end.

Writing and ranting helped with my mental health. I have anger issues and Quora helped me cope with that. Well, I guess there’s Medium for a reason (which is where I’ll be hanging out because they don’t care about what I have to say). Quora is making my anger worse at this point.

So, I guess this is the end. Peace out. Have fun on Quora. Don’t get violations. And if you want to fight Quora, do so in my name and all the other Quorans who have been unfairly targeted, blocked, banned, and who have left as a result. We can’t defend ourselves — we get the violation, not the person who started it. How they moderate is backwards, and it gets old after a while.

I put #unblockzach in my bio on Quora, along with a rant on how Quora can’t BNBR me for my profile since I can still edit that. I don’t really care about being unblocked early now but if you want to rant about Quora within the next week, use that hashtag. I can’t upvote it but I’ll be smiling and upvoting in spirit.

It’s funny too how I got a violation after writing a rant about Quora on the Cordially Resistant blog back in June. Oh boy, if this doesn’t prove my point then I don’t know what does.

So, yep. I think I said everything I needed to. Bye, Quora. Good luck surviving, because you just lost one of your best writers, someone who has helped countless people struggling with their sexuality or gender, someone who people have looked to for wonderful rants about school, and someone who tried to give you a chance.

And you lost it.

Peace out,

Zach Norman

(And please use this for my official statement on Necrologue, whoever sees this. Don’t use my bio).

19, Trans, Writer, Musician, Graphic Designer, Filmmaker, Gamer, Opinion Holder, and Crappy List Maker. My resume is pretty extensive.