A few days ago, while I was teaching a storytelling class, I digressed and had a conversation about the concept of Creativity and how it works. That discussion birthed this post.

I had created a piece of content for my church recently and as I sat to watch it play on the screen, I wondered, "How did I come up with this?"

The answer, "it just came."

This was the subject of my discussion. How does a person get to the point when things "just come" to them?

This is my postulation.

First, you start like everyone else, with a little bit of talent; that's the best that most of us get.

Next, you use that talent.

Now, here's where the problem lies. The first few times you use your talent, you may struggle. You practically beg, pray and spend hours thinking to get those first few ideas. But they will come. They always do, if you are patient.

Starting is important, but what is even more important is CONSISTENCY. You do something over and over again and first, it becomes a habit, then nature. This is how you enter the zone of creativity.

In his book, "The Outliers" Malcolm Gladwell said avered that if you do anything for 10,000 hours, chances are that you will become a master at it.

That is why if you ask for advice on how to be a great writer, the answer will always be, "write!" You want to be a great singer? Sing! You want to one day create the perfect 'dodo', then you've got to get your nose in plantain and fry away.

Sometimes I wonder at the ease with which I come up with story ideas or help others develop their story ideas but I know it's not just the good genes I inherited from my parents, it's years of use.

"...even those who by reason of use have their senses exercised..."
Heb 5:14

Use is how you get your senses exercised. Use and use and use is how you get into the space where use becomes easy. The more you use, the easier it is to use.

The more you use your creativity, the deeper you get into the zone of creativity.

What are you doing today to get deeper into the zone? And how consistently are you doing it?

Watch out for my book on this thing called Creativity. More info coming soon.

Lord Josh.
Screenwriter and Storytelling Consultant.



Literary Rockstar | Beautiful words... Like Diamond rocks on Silver rings. | #LFC | #ImaSaint

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Literary Rockstar | Beautiful words... Like Diamond rocks on Silver rings. | #LFC | #ImaSaint