Is Harrison Barnes the Worst Pro Basketball Olympian of All Time?
Brandon Anderson

My take on Barnes but as a lifetime tarheel fan native of NC might be a bit bias….

Numbers and stats don’t always tell the tale. Out of High school Barnes was hyped as much as any number one. He never achieved that hype in college or live up to the likes of former tarheel greats but was a damn good player. ACC rookie of year, first team ACC, and second team all-American not too bad! Along with a few other rewards he played great in NCAA tournament which surged his draft and lead him to All NBA rookie team. Steve Kerr’s first big change at lineup was starting Barnes on a team that goes to win a title and broke records.Kerr knew something. Barnes was at many times called a star during the warriors championship run. He can defend any position which I think is much harder than scoring points, he rebounds and has the ability to score. He has been good enough to earn a max in the NBA. Even the Warriors were offering him as much as they could

Not to say he doesn’t have a lot of bad games that just makes you cringe as a fan!! He’s holding consistent stats while playing the opposite at times. Consistency will keep him the NBA for a long time. He just doesn’t have that killer instinct and would benefit from more confidence but his work ethic is surpassed by no other in the NBA and he is someone you want in the locker room.. At Dallas he will have the ability to become the star I hope he makes the best of it.

I know he is only there because other declined to but he deserves to represent the USA at the olympic. Just wish he had more chance to play instead of sitting on bench. I think he has played well while he has been in.