Morality, Immorality and Gods

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The fight between Morality and Immorality has been going on since the beginning of humanity. Humans are very interesting creatures and often times predictable ones too. The only aspect of humans that makes them unpredictable is their emotional reflections but still, their grass root emotions are not at all hard to decipher. We, humans have always been driven by basic emotions of selfishness. Every emotion, every act of a human is driven by selfishness. In my opinion, every act which starts with “I, me, my or mine” becomes a selfish act. Every good deed performed by us is either to satisfy conscience/set of morals/guilt, comprises desire of heaven/reflections as good karma or for well-being or his/her own family or himself. According to me, even the love of a mother for her child is selfish.

We, humans, have been selfish since the beginning of time but subconsciously are aware of the sinister nature of our acts and time and we again have used prominent historical figures and historical events to justify our actions, no matter how wrong or evil. He must be an intelligent man who invented a religion. Since the dawn of humanity, we have been manipulated into believing that if you have done good deeds you go to heavens and if you have done bad deeds you go hell. It made humans do good and stay in order by fear of the God or lust of heaven. If the soldiers of the first crusade can eat infants alive without fear of all the Gods, these 5,000 years of humanity would have reached such barbarous levels that only devils could have imagined.

The chaos I am talking here is about the influence of God on concept of ethics. Humanity have witnessed two types of religious system, polytheism and monotheism. Egyptians Ra’s; Pagan gods, Greek Gods, Roman Gods, and Hindu Gods represent a belief in multiple deities’ system whereas Islam, Judaism or Christianity represent the belief in a single god. Gods or deities of polytheism were flawed like humans. They never hesitated in glorifying their own flaws. For example, Zeus and Lord Krishna’s lust for women, Lord Ram’s misjudgment of character and Apollo’s invention of orgy’s show they were flawed like us humans.

On another hand Islam Christianity have concept of single and flawless God, which makes human fear them and their flawlessness allows them to rule. We refuse to follow someone who has flaws because for us imperfect humans the God must be perfect. As a result, we stopped fearing those gods with flaws and have abandoned them. Maybe this was one of the many reasons for the debacle of Greek, pagan and Egyptians Gods. Egyptian Ra Gods use to allow people to enter the heaven based on ransom they paid, for Greek Gods, it was based on solely their wish while Islam and Christianity modified the concept to, good deeds and bad deeds.

Creators of such God(s) ensured that the concept of heaven is updated from time to time, to lure humans to do good out of a selfish need to enter heaven. I wonder how did Hinduism survive? And the only reason I can think of is that perhaps Islam and Christianity were so busy in the north of the continent that they forgot the east.

Incest relationships were considered ethical in Zeus’s era of Greece, but it has become unethical today in each of current religious civilizations. Polygamy of Krishna and candid portrayal of Krishna’s women objectification during his teenage years is worshiped and considered ethical whereas the same behavior in Christianity or Judaism is considered a crime punishable by God. The cow is considered as a symbolic mother like figure worth worshiping in Hinduism due to the animal’s importance in a farmer’s life. If a Hindu consumes beef, he/she is sure to be condemned to hell but if monotheist consumes beef, he/she will face no consequences. If Allah just blesses a person with pious intent and heart than will a Hindu with pious heart and blessing will go to heaven even if Hindu doesn’t offer “Namaz” 5 times? If the answer is yes then in that situation offering “Namaz” 5 times serves no purpose and if the answer is no, does good intents and deeds do not matter and only means to offer praise to God matters?

Religion is a great concept enforced to preserve order but if it’s existing God(s) becomes widely disapproved concepts in future how hauntingly beautiful its repercussions will be? Individuals won’t have anything to be afraid of, be it karma or hell? Then life; in a true manner, will become an ideal example of “Survival of fittest”?

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