Morality, Immorality and Gods: II


In first part we discussed about turmoil of my conscience regarding concepts of morality, immorality and influence of religion in regard. We, humans are perceived as social animal. Laws of society have huge impact on development of moral conscience of us humans. Our mentors, our parents and environment around us have taught us to do right by others, which itself is common idea of every other religious preaching.

Majority of common laws from the constitution of most countries are reflection of religious values of the land (Religious preaching of majority of population). For an example, concept of suicide is considered as a crime because of religious belief that life and soul is given to human by higher authority or higher power such as god. Although I personally believe that the constitution should respect every belief, yet the constitution should be free from such influences of religious preaching to preserve its neutrality.

“Fear and greed are the very foundation of human behavior” — Aristotle

In 5000 years of documented human history, religious teachings have played significant role in keeping law and order. Every political system is built around core foundation of religious laws. In concept of monarchy, kings were referred as direct appointees or son of god various times. Larger section of humans have chosen according to religious moral conscience due to various reasons like either lust of afterlife, fear of karma or judgement of god. Every emotion/action committed by us is due to selfish need of oneself, one’s own goal, one’s own family or one’s own emotional need. To achieve success for individual need, humans have ability to reach at every level of immorality but belief, fear of god or fear of criminal laws have kept large population of humans in check.

God is a concept but Krishna merely a man, it is important to kill impact of his godly image before killing the man — Duryodhan

Important impact of religion on human life was to give purpose for life or place in society. Religion has been of help to create civil system by assigning social duties to parts/groups of population. This division can be referred as class/categories/cast. Just like concept of food chain, fractions of society is assigned social responsibilities and chain or order is clearly defined within, making every fraction answerable. Romans, pagans, Greeks had system of slaves and citizens, Britishers had system of royal blood class and commoners, Aryans developed system of Dalits, Kshatriya , Vaishnava and Brahmin, Muslims developed system of Sayyad, Pathan, Qureshi etc.

“He was an Intelligent man who invented religion” — Mark Twain

We, human will always need a purpose or a goal to look up to. Commoners or middle and lower segments of food chain (which surmounts to majority of population), they desire for achieving stability and partial riches in life. They work till age of 60, save up some money, achieve minor goals, pass those resources on to next generation and die with good hope of afterlife. If they were not influenced to obtain such goal or purpose to serve in certain amount of community, why will they want to live their life? The richer strata of system such as the kings , the politicians etc., they look up to achieving immense power as equivalent to god. They desire to be someone who can influence the path of history. Every subdivision named as caste of civil system was lucky/unlucky enough to have a goal for life.

“In spite of developing into cities, we humans are still wild animals from jungle” — Ayn Rand

What if religion did not exist? In our age span of certain years, if we are able to comprehend or accept concept of pedophile, incest or cannibalism, just imagine the 5000 years of chaos would lead humanity to. We have barbaric examples of many wars, various torture techniques, various brutalities such as rape around us. If social influence of few years for a human who was never hold accountable for immoral actions or human raised without fear of consequences can lead to such immorality (per religious standards) where would 5000 years of immorality lead to? Although I do not see any reasons for humanity to survive but more on that on another article.

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