This Is Andela!!!

After a long, tough screening procedure, I finally made it into Andela. The road was far from being a walk in a park. It was challenging, demanding and most of all it was very interesting. With this little success story, one would expect me to relax and take a break, but guess what? NO time for breaks, at least not yet as the journey ahead promises to be more challenging, rigorous and exciting. I guess this is most important phase of being transformed into a world class developer.

I was officially “initiated” into the Andela family on the 3rd of April, acquaintances were duly met. So far, it has been filled with so much activities and it took a while to settle in. I was given a detailed tour of the “Epic Tower”. I was also introduced to the Andela team and I got to know the roles each team member played. Discussions were held with each member of the Team. During these discussions, I learnt a whole lot of things, my perspective on being a successful world class developer greatly improved. I realized being part of Andela is not just about writing codes but most importantly its about being part of a movement that would transform the technological landscape of Africa.

The major talk point remains on how I can become successful at Andela. I was made to understand that the journey would be extremely tough. My ability to learn, adapt and overcome solely depends on my mindset. I have decided to take it up as a challenge to conquer, as a stepping stone to greatness and most importantly I see it as an opportunity to LEARN and improve myself.

I feel blessed being a part of the Andela family. I believe with the passion, vigor and desire burning within me, my success story has just begun!!!

Thanks for reading.

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