So you’re saying that Asians don’t believe they are superior but yet don’t allow whites, blacks, or…
Andrew Highland

No need for a knee jerk reaction. If there’s a migration policy of plurality in European countries and yet the CaucAsian European birth rates isn’t keeping up, that’s not anyone’s fault.

East Asians now seem the wise ones for not allowing the European colonialists free access to their countries, Africans were just naïve to accept them and their religion.

If you were a non CaucAsian person like I am, you will understand what I have observed. Africans, Chinese, Indians, and all the so-called people of color, know this systemic subconscious racist reality I speak of, even the European born and bred ones. They will testify.

As you seem CaucAsian, sorry but you have no clue or empathy regarding this mental disorder that I speak of.