3 Reasons Content Marketing is Core to Your Business Growth

I am often asked by Directors and C Suite teams, how they can sell in content marketing to their organisations.

I always view this question a little like the approach men take to going to the doctors. I know I should go but until my arm is hanging off, I’ll wait.

So the same is with certain marketing disciplines and content marketing, to give it its broad term, falls safely into that bracket.

In other words, I won’t invest in content marketing until I see my competition gaining and overtaking me.

So let’s look at some barriers and break them down.


A classic. I cannot afford to get into the social sphere and content marketing is too expensive. Wrong.

According to research by Demand Metric content marketing is cost-effective.

Content Marketing costs 62% less than outbound marketing & generates 3x as many leads

A bold statement you may say but when you look at the buying cycle, the top end of the funnel is research and content driven. This sets the emotive hook to go deeper with a company or organisation. When mixed with a strong paid search campaign, the results are powerful and help prospective customers find and engage with your content.


The right content strategy, again blended into the overall marketing mix, helps your customers find you. It also alleviates the buzzword of the moment, ad blocking.

Ad blocking grew by 41% globally in the last 12 months with an estimated 200 million people using ad blockers

This statistic from Page Fair makes sober reading for the ad industry as a whole but is also a wake-up call for marketers and brands to think intelligently about how ‘content’ plays its part in brand strategy, distribution and measurement.


It is no great surprise that with the ever evolving Google algorithm, Google likes content. Though this is a topic and discipline in its own right, being found on search engine result pages is fundamental.

According to a recent eMarketer report:

66 % best-in-class companies involve search in their content creation process from the beginning.

There are countless reasons to align your content with your SEO and search strategy and other than creating rich inbound links and fresh content, especially on one’s own site, over and above the blog pages, it can have an impact on how your site ranks.

More importantly, this alignment creates better conversion. Measuring content conversion is key to all of the above.

These 3 reasons alone should get you writing, sharing and measuring.

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