Using the Lightning Network vs. Using the Bitcoin Network
Lightning Peach

I deeply applaud the authors including different opinions at the end of their post.

It’s interesting that information about the current state of LN development wasn’t included.

  • LN is in development hell. It has missed scheduled availability by a year or more so far. No end in sight.
  • LN currently can’t route payments successfully more than some percentage of the time. As the amount increases past 20$, the chance of a successful transaction quickly falls to near zero.
  • LN relies on nodes being online all the time. They aren’t. Maybe relying on regular people to round payments isn’t such a hot idea.

Also: I divide the total transactions processed on a day by 60*60*24 and I get something like 2.5 transactions per second. Much less than the max of 7. Not sure what’s the big hurry to add transaction processing capacity when fees are low and usage is trending down.

Well, maybe it spikes again in December. Who knows?