The “More-ness” of Privilege
Joel Leon.

Utter bullshit. You say white people in general, but you only refer to USA white people. Really?

I am white. I was raised in a post-communist country. I NEVER asked for anything, I never demanded anything. Because we had to be nice children, that were never out of place.

I had to FIGHT with myself to change that. I have won a lot of battles, but I am fighting constantly with my mental reflex to be satisfied with what I am given and not demand what I deserve / have the right to receive. I also have to constantly fight people who don’t want to give me what I have the right to receive - just because others don’t usually ask for their rights! And I am also talking about people who work for the state, which are very happy to abuse their position and not do their job — we have a lot of bureaucracy.

When I was little I always secretly dreamt of going to Harvard or other USA university, but considered I could never do that. USA seemed so far away for someone like me.

You have privilege! You have the privilege to live in a country with such good upper education & places where very smart and inventive people get together to change the world. See? It’s easy to find privilege.

The reality is that it’s our job to fix what our upbringing has messed up in us. Stop complaining and change yourself!

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