The Darican program is LIVE!

What is the Darican program?

Darico has launched Live the coolest and most exciting program to involve all our current users and invite more crypto and non-crypto adopters to join The Darican family. Click HERE to join the program and have a sneak peak on what will happen.

Objectives of the program:

  • Create awareness about our products, what we are doing and how we will do it.
  • Create a ‘’Darican Army’’ and build a strong long-term community like never seen before. This same community will help the project achieve its long-term goals.
  • Reward loyalty and all who believe in our project.
  • Grant an identity to the supporters of the project and reward them according to their rank, title and contribution.

How it works?

The program consists of 2 major levels:

2 Major levels for Darican Program

You start your journey from Affiliate Level 1 and then you follow the steps below to enter Darican Program Level 2.


Step 1 - Search for the big button JOIN TODAY in the website.

Step 2- Sign up, complete your data and verify your phone number.

Step 3 -You’re ready to enter the Darican Program LEVEL 2 (as highlighted above in the picture). We highly suggest you do the KYC * from the beginning (Get rid of the documentation part so you don’t get bothered while you work on all the cool tasks)

Step 4 -Start completing achievements in the Rewards Section, after each completed and verified task you will receive EXP (Experience points) and DEC.

Step 5- Claim your prizes, claim your titles and compete on the Leaderboard on who’s the best Darican.

* KYC is not mandatory but it’s important to claim the hard earned rewards, do it from the beginning and start your journey with a peace of mind! Focus on your tasks and achieve all the goals that you can!

Your Sections inside the website

Your Options as soon as you sign up:

Dashboard — This is your home page and you can get access directly to our two fully-launched products = Wallet + Terminal

Profile — Complete all your correct data or else your profile will remain incomplete and you can’t proceed to the KYC.

FAQ — Here you can find the answer to every possible question you might have and terms & conditions applied to the program. But remember that we are available to answer all questions at all times and you can also join our dedicated Telegram chat HERE.

Levels & Prizes — Here you can find a very clear view on what is required to earn a certain title and what will be your Reward/Prize after unlocking the levels. You can win up to $3,000 Amazon Gift Card, up to DEC 10,000 and why not have an iPhone X in your Darican portfolio of prizes?

Leaderboard — Take a look at the cool picture taken below, the leaderboard will show you what rank you are at, in that precise moment, your amount of EXP, your rewards so far and your successfully earned Darican title.

KYC — Don’t forget to do this procedure. Submit your document (must be in English), wait to get verified and then you’re good to go! Remember that only KYC (verified) Daricans can claim their prizes and rewards.

Rewards — There are many ways to get rewards in the program, we made it simple for everyone but you have to work hard as you go up and earn your titles and complete milestones.


1- Referral rewards

Referral Link

Refer as many friends as you can and you will get rewards in EXP and DEC. Referral link will always be there waiting to be used and shared directly in your Social Media.

2- Social Media tasks

Do some basic tasks on our Social Media, practically just be part of our community and follow us everywhere, we’ll make sure to compensate your loyalty.

Social Media tasks

3- Your feedback matters

Provide us with useful feedback regarding our products, the project or overall and get rewarded for innovative and creative thinking.


1-Earn as you go!

Finish as many tasks as you can and everytime you get rewarded

2-Visit us everyday

Visit the Darican program on a frequent basis and be part of the Darcan family.

3-Creativity gets rewarded

Be as creative as you can and make sure to show your full capabilities.

4- Developer tasks

Found a bug? Let us know about it, you have multiple developer-tasks to complete and you’ll get rewarded for your hard work.

5- Social Media addict

You can choose amongst a wide range of tasks in this category and get rewarded for social activity

6- A top level Darican

The higher you go up in the leaderboard and the higher your reward will be.

7- Refer or be referred?

Referral always pays off. Spread the word about the program and earn as you go.

Full video tutorial to the Darican program here:


Don’t forget to always Submit your Work through the button.

Official launch of the program: 08 November 2018

Note: Darico’s team has the right to change the terms and conditions that apply to the program. The community will be informed in real time about changes.