Tbh, I find this very amusing and adorable at the same time.

Everything Is About Sex, But Sex. Sex Is About Power.

… Definitely not what a Millennial would say.

(I missed my deadline by 2 hours. It is okay, though. I am feeling very pleased with myself for not being able to go to sleep without writing.)

I heard that saying about sex and power a long time ago. Now I’m not sure if it’s still standing.

We’re living at the same that as the app Tinder is successful, “friends with benefits” is socially acceptable and the concept of sex only after marriage is almost extinct. So, these realities reject the statement made in the title.


The differences between men and women shrink in size by day. So, does that mean sex is not about power anymore? I’d say yes. I’d dare to say sex is becoming a mere activity done for pleasure. Is sex still traded for certain advantages? Most likely, yes (*cough* sugar daddies *cough*).

However, “kids” these days can’t phantom that sex is something sacred or something that only girls on dark alleys would do. Sex is fun. It doesn’t have to involve sacrifices or emotional baggage.

Is it better to live with this conviction — sex is not special, it’s just recreation? Time will tell, I guess.

From my observations, it is somewhat liberating without all the judging, hiding and discriminating. Does it have negative consequences? There may be some— lack of genuine human connection, not being able to find true love as easily as a few decades ago. I don’t know for sure, I only know that I could be very wrong about this.

Bottom line is that the world still revolves around sex. We may have shifted perspectives, but sex is still of core importance.

Now go have some of that fun! *wink*

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