Making Decisions: A Short Philosophical Rant

“The decisions you make are a choice of values that reflect your life in every way.” (Alice Waters)

Everything is relative. Everything can be interpreted in million ways or seen from countless perspectives. So, how do you know what is truly right or wrong? Who gets to decide the righteousness of anything really?

Let’s say that whatever you think is right, it is. It’s your life, you should have a say when it comes to these kind of things. But, if what you consider appropriate hurts you or those around you, is it OK anymore? Of course, it is not. A rational person tries to avoid pain or inflicting it on others. So, why do we have so much pain and suffering in this world? Does that mean that people actually make the decision to be evil instead of being kind? Do they purposely hurt others? Why? Why are there normal (sane) people that still make really bad decisions (maybe even being aware of the fact)?

I don’t have an answer. Maybe science has one. But I do have one more question: If you can choose to do good, why do bad?

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