Critical Reflection 1

In “When we fight we win,” story telling is just one of the ways that activists will express how they are feeling about something. The author of the books goes into explanation of why they wrote the book and it was to express how they felt on a topic. There was an organization that was to provide schooling for every child possible. Making this happen was not a piece of cake, there was a loss in funding which for public schools. The title of the book Is not a coincidence there is a lot of meaning behind it. The author states, “When we fight we participate.” The way the author participates is by writing the book to inform other on what the issue is and ways to prevent it. I also see where the author writes this to show people they are not alone in the matter at hand, there are people who are willing to defend and help.

In mission high, “Jessym” there is a tory about a little girl who believes guns grow from the ground due to an experience she had as a child. She did not hang out wit her friends and she stayed alone in her room to feel calm. She grew to have fears of guns but did not want to express these fears to her mothers knowing her mother was under a lot of stress. Jesyms last words in the piece were “I am a survivor” this was to show that she had made it through the hard times.

A talk to teachers, the author begins by saying that we are in a difficult time and that most everyone is aware of it. We must prepare ourselves for the difficult times and that there is no point in pretending it will not happen because we already see things changing. He states that society really wants the people to be one with the culture and to obey the rules of the society. He talks about being wrongfully seen in some peoples eyes and that it hurt him but he chose to write about his pain and express to paper how he was feeling to let people know that it is not right to treat other below you.