The Voice of Education

What?: “I began by saying, one of the paradoxes of education was that precisely at the point when you begin to develop a conscience, you must find yourself at war with your society.” He is saying here that the contradictions of education and learning more about your world is not a beautiful thing that happens to us. It is a struggle because we begin to see the bad things that happen in the world. Baldwin believes that we should be teaching the students what happened in our country and not sugar coat the issues at hand. One day we as young students will grow into adults and see that the world is not what it used to be or how we always pictured the world. In the paper a talk to teachers, the author states, “the point of all this is that black men were brought here as a cheap source of labor.” From this quote, I believe that Baldwin wants people to recognize the African American truth. Not an elementary school falsity.

So what: The differences between the elementary school and the high school that Jesymn attended were the racial and diversity background that the school held. The middle school had little to no diversity within their students. The teachers almost did not know what to do when they saw a student of color in their classroom. They would stereotype the kids of color and not engage themselves with the student making the ethnic student feel not safe or uncomfortable. The high school was the opposite, it was a public high school where the teachers had experience with diversity within their students. Baldwin says, “it is your responsibility to to change your society if you think of yourself as an educated person.” If teachers are so educated that they can teach other students, they should have the ability to understand the diversity and express that to all of their student.

Now what: Jesymn wats to express what she has learned and experienced to the other people around her. She feels as if it is her duty to express this onto others. As an educated person myself, I feel that I need to express what I have learned to my fellow peers. And communicate with other people, having conversations with people could help. Someone could be feeling unsafe and just a little conversation with someone could help them very much. Something I hope to learn this semester is a way to help solve the issue. This is a racial issue in the world no matter what race you are, everyone has some sort or racial problem in some part of the world. To help those arpund me is what I can do to help solve the problem. Teach people this is not a way to treat others. To help those who are going through racial discrimination and let them know that they can come to me and that we can fight the problem together.

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