The Art Of Persuasion

I am a sales specialist at the moment and for the last eight to ten years, I have had a career in sales. What makes people so good at sales? What makes someone become an entrepreneurs or passionate about their idea? I have stated that if you can show others what you see and show them the reason why they need your product or your ideas and thoughts, then you have the skills to become a great salesperson. It takes motivation and passion and self drive to become a successful sales person. One of my favorite businessman of all time has always been Steve Jobs. I admire Steve Jobs for his desire to not give up ever and for always wanting to work harder.


It amazes me to this date that consumers still line up for the newest and latest iphone of the year. I work in a cell phone store, and a sales specialist ever year I see the madness on a day what we call iphone launch day. No sales representative can take the day off. Steve Jobs left a legacy that till this day lives on. His product does so many amazing things and because he believe in his product and wanted others to see what he saw, his products became top sellers. I read in article that, Today, the iPhone represents more than 60% of Apple’s revenue, which leads many to see Apple as, first and exclusively, the iPhone company. Source for Iphone facts

Most people say that sales is where the money is at. Yes they are right. I however to be honest do not do it for the money. I have a career in sales because I love it. I love the thrill of selling a product that I know will work best for my customer. I always use examples when selling to my customers and most of the time it is my own examples. I remember a day I was at Disneyland and I had a very low battery but I had a portable charger with me because that is a product I sale. I charged my phone without an outlet in minutes. Ever since then, I always ask people are you traveling anytime soon and if they say yes I always reccomend that product. Any product can benefit anyone at anytime, it just has to be the right fit and it is a salesperson job to uncover that and persuade the consumer to purchase it. Now this is not a bad thing as long as the sales person is honest and selling with integrity and selling with the intention of what benefits the consumer and not just their pockets.

Persuasion Source Image

The Picture above for me describes the best skills that you need to have sales as a career.

In the end, I always believe that if you have the right mindset, you love sales, you are enthusiastic, and you can persuade people, you can be a successful sales person. The art of persuasion is not something you master over night, it is something that takes time and learning and researching. The art of persuasion is something you practice everyday and you become better at one step at a time one day at a time.

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