November 8, 2016, There was an Election on TV, Tell me where were you?

I woke up extra early on November 8. I fixed myself a cup of coffee and finished researching the propositions and measures. By 8:05 I walked to my polling place which is two minutes aways from my home. The line was 25 minutes long and the process was easy. Five minutes later I was sharing my voting stub and “I Voted” sticker on Snapchat.

I was not worried. I knew that Hilary was going to win, no one would vote for an idiot.

I got home around 7pm and my parents were watching the Elections in English. They were quiet but not worried. I sat there watching the numbers but I was convinced that somehow Hillary’s numbers would go up. I left to the theatre to watch a movie. It was pretty dumb of me but I had already planned it.

At the theatre I kept looking at my phone and at Facebook statuses. Everyone was commenting about how they felt: some were scared, nervous, angry, and others wanted to cry. One of my friends was posting #LatinosForTrump, I deleted him.

Around 12am I saw a news post that read Donald Trumps victory.

I excused myself and went to the restroom and cried. My sister jokingly texted me and said, “I am going to Mexico, wanna come?” I did not reply.

I felt guilty. I felt like I failed my family, friends, and neighbors. I was also scared. As I fell asleep I was scared to wake up to a burning and rioting Los Angeles.

The next morning I took an Uber Pool home. There was already another girl in the car besides the driver. They greeted me and the driver asked, “How do you ladies feel about our president-elect.” The girl said she was mad and in disbelief. I shared that I cried. The Caucasian driver who mentioned he was from Virginia said it made him nauseous.

The driver also mentioned that it was all those Bernie or Bust people’s fault. I agreed. Then he mentioned that it might be a good thing since the new president-elect plans to bring US manufacturing back. Now that I did not know and I really do think it could be something great.

I saw my mother in the evening and I asked her how she felt. She shared that she was sad but that she is trying to stay optimistic. She said that maybe immigrants might get something good out of him.

Just today I woke up to the news that Trump plans to deport 3 million immigrants. So now my mother is staying optimistic for me and my cousins who were all born here. My aunts and uncles have all shared to us that no matter what happens to them that we must continue our lives here and keep moving forward.

I feel like my family has been accepting about this whole Trump thing. It just hurts that they were the ones who decided to risk their lives to give us all a better life. They have worked hard and they have made California their home and they should not be forced out of here.

My family is not criminal. We are not criminal. Yes they entered illegally but only so they can turn their lives around. Donald Trump can deport all the immigrants he likes but he needs to get rid of the real criminals first.