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work ethic is as much a hereditary trait as it is a natural one, and cannot be taught

Raised by a family who always worked for themselves, having my own business is all I know.

Despite the fact that I’ve worked for myself since the age of 12, and launched six companies since, I’ve never read a book on entrepreneurialism.

As a matter of fact, it wasn’t until my early 30's that I realized that I was an entrepreneur. Why? Because when you’re raised by generations who have always worked for themselves, there is not a special label for doing so; other than that of being a provider and survivor.

Almost everyday I see tweets and shares of stories on the secrets of entrepreneurism or working for one’s self.

A lot of these stories speak about this life as it’s a dream that’s untenable without a formula or model. They preach that this path is a massive risk that should be planned, prepared and shared with others. And I cannot relate to any of this at all. It’s all foreign to me, even though I was raised by generations of entrepreneurs.



Co-Founder of Foundation Digital, a Digital Marketing Agency & Creator of Search Engine Journal

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