Credit: Getty Images/iStock

The Hairpin creator offers commiseration from a vulnerable place

Credit: Edith Zimmerman/me

The iconography of ladies as eerie flotation devices

Rule Britannia now only exists on the ‘gram

Credit: @violet_dent

This film eats away at you like its namesake pathogen

Podcasts, Spotify and social media scrolling prohibited

An apple tree — not Newton’s. Credit: Thomas Kelley/Unsplash

The titular aqua permeates literally and metaphorically

Still from 1981 film adaption ‘Eaux Profondes’. Credit: Gaumont

Yes, good things can come in itty-bitty packages

Credit: Tatsuya Tanaka

We’re told we’re accepted, but we remain outliers

Credit: Entity Mag

Is it holding me back, or am I just a sloth?

Credit: Daria/MTV

Loren Smith

Lawyer turned reporter turned rep. Fiction writer in progress.

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